AV Tracker App

Gain access to online statuses of your friends, whether they are hidden or not on your list. Monitor up to 50 avatars quickly and easily with our user-friendly interface.

Our scripting has been professionally developed and memory optimized for the best performance and is compatible with SL usernames. Add avatars to your personal list, filtered by radar, username, or key.

Opt to receive chat and sound notifications for changes and filter to show only online avatars or all. Choose from a list of customizable options including import and export. Quick options include IM, profile, key, or trash.

Personalize your apps and UI with your favorite color. Our exclusive N.Phone application is developed by Neurolab Inc. and is guaranteed to receive free updates for life. Works in all no-script areas.


See the online status even if they are hidden or not in your friends list
  • Track up to 50 Avatars quickly and easily!
  • Quick and easy user-friendly interface
  • Professional Scripting, memory optimized for best performance!
  • Even works with SL UserNames
  • Add to avatars to your personal list (by Radar or UserName or Key)
  • Chat Notification for Online/Offline users On/Off
  • Sound Notification for Online/Offline users On/Off
  • Filter to show only Online Avatars or All to list
  • Options list: Import/Export
  • Quick Options: IM/Profile/Key/Trash
  • Customize your apps and UI with your favorite color
  • This application is ONLY for N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Free updates for Life!
  • Works in no-script areas!

Quick Help

This is an online monitor/tracker which informs you about the status of anyone on the grid.

To add avatars on your tracker click on the landmark icon (2nd button) to select an avatar in the region or the search icon (3r button) to enter a username* or a key (uuid).

AV-Tracker will check their online status and notify you when one of them log in or log out.
By default you will receive a text notification and hear a sound. Click on the setting icon (5th button) to set your preferences.

The list icon (4th button) allows you to display all avatars in your list or only online ones.

Click on the people icon (1st button) to go back to your targets list.
While in your list, click on a name to open quick options:
– IM: shows you a link to open IM windows
– Profil: shows you a link to open his profil
– Remove: remove this avatar from your tracking list


  • Notifications

You can enable/disable notifications by checking/unchecking the boxes “Text notification” and “Sound notification”.

  • Backup

Use the button “Load from notecard” to reload a list of avatars to track. (warning! this will replace and erase the current list, don’t forget to edit your notecard first if necessary)

Use the button “Export List” to get the data (keys and usernames) from your current list in your local chat, you can copy this lines in your notecard to save them and reload them later if necessary.


Revision 4.4.0 (RELEASED)  : 

  • Fixed:
    • Some bugs

Revision 3.0.0: Titan 3.x compatible

▪   1.0.8 Changelog: Fix duplicate NC update!
▪   1.0.6 Changelog: Text people Fix!