N-GRID (Free App)

This application provides quick and easy monitoring of important metrics on the grid and LindeX Market rate. It offers a user-friendly interface to set alarms and receive notifications on when to send notices or engage in buying or selling L$. 

The application shows the total number of residents online, allowing for easy tracking of activity across the World Wide Grid. Additionally, it provides real-time market data on the LindeX™ Exchange. The three customizable alarms come with the option to toggle sounds on or off. 

It is important to note that this application is only for use with the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc., and it comes with lifetime updates at no additional cost.


Monitor the number of logged-in residents on the grid and the LindeX Market rate
Set your alarms to know when you should send your notices and when you should buy or sell L$
  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Residents ONLINE
    – Show the total number of residents actually logged-in (World Wide Grid)
  • LindeX™ Exchange: Realtime Market data !
  • 3 ALARMS !
    – Sounds toggle ON/OFF
    – Customize the values for each Alarms
  • Works in No-Script Areas !
  • This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Lifetime free updates !

Quick Help

Bottom menu Icon:

  1. Custom color
  2. Refresh Data
  3. Information

Notes :


  • Sounds toggle ON/OFF : Activate icon to the right of text
  • Customize the values for each Alarms : Click to Text to change value

“Online Residents” and “LindeX Buy Rate” alarms will trigger when their current values are higher than your limit,
“LindeX Sell Rate” alarm will trigger when the current value becomes lower than your limit


Revision 4.4.2:

  • – Fix counters Linden Residents

Revision 4.0.0:

  • – NEW Version 4.0