N.PHONE HUD – Technical specifications

Our user interface boasts a resizer that adapts flawlessly to any screen – making your experience quick and easy. Our Next Generation Full Mesh HUD Technology further enhances the interface, affording you maximum control. 

The interface is fully supported by our next generation Operating System, Titan OS, and our Built-in Apps, guaranteeing an integrated, seamless and user-friendly experience. The interface is also equipped with an in-built Smart SDK and more amazing features, such as professional scripting and optimized memory for exceptional performance. 

It’s important to note that every N.Phone version, including the S, X, and X PRO, performs similarly. Our interface is designed to meet the needs of every user and is the perfect solution for your professional needs.


Quick and easy user interface
  • Resizer to perfect view on any screens
  • Next Generation Full Mesh HUD Technologie
  • Fully controlled by a next generation Operating System and Built-in Apps (Titan OS)!
  • Built-In Smart SDK and much more!
  • Professional Scripting, memory optimized for best performance!
ALL N.PHONE VERSION (S – X – X PRO) work similar

Quick Help

Recommended HUD Size for your Screen:

– 27′ resizer: 100%
– 21′ resizer: 115%
– 13′ resizer: 130%

Adjust HUD on Screen

You can adjust the two positions regardless (Open and reduced) ! the N.PHONE has a central attachment!

– Start by positioning your N.PHONE in open position on your screen (right-click it and then modify).

– You can place it where you want! Once the position of the latter defined, close the edit mode and put your N.PHONE in position Statusbar Dock (closed)

– Edit (right-click it and then modify), and then select “edit linked” / “change related parties” in the editing window

– Then select the bottom right hand corner, and then place the Statusbar Dock where you want on your screen!

Voila, you can close the edit mode! Your 2 Huds  positions are placed!


  • ALL N.PHONE VERSION (S – X – X PRO) work similar
  • Never Change attach point
  • Multiple N.PHONE creation possibility (duplicate in inventory)


Revision 4.4.5 :

  • ALL  Items updated to 4.4.5.

Revision 4.x:  NEW N.PHONE HUD MESH

Revision 3.x:  NEW N.PHONE HUD MESH

Revision 2.x: Not changed

Revision 1.x.x: First release