Introducing the latest in cutting-edge technology

 With our state-of-the-art product, you can now experience a Second World like never before! 

Can you imagine having just one HUD that caters to all your needs? Now, with our real smartphone AIO, this is possible!

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to carry multiple devices around. With our product, you can combine all your favorite apps into one single device! Whether you’re on the go, at work, or relaxing at home, our universal HUD will work perfectly for you.

Experience the future today! Join us in this revolution and get ready to be blown away by the awe-inspiring innovation we bring to the table! Power, Design, and Innovation are now at your fingertips with our amazing product!


  • Next Generation Full Mesh HUD Technology
  • Fully controlled by a next generation Operating System and Apps!
  • Comes with APP STORE and an amazing collection of apps and games!
  • A super fast Connectivity that will make you feel like the whole world is within reach!
  • Great tools to completely customize your O.S and N.Phone Handy look!
  • N.PHONE (hand version) Synchronized with your N.PHONE HUD
  • Professional Scripting, memory optimized for best performance!
  • Works in no-script areas!
  • Lifetime free updates! and much more..!
ALL N.PHONE VERSION (S – X – X PRO) work similar

Purchase Includes

  • N.PHONE HANDY (Left & Right Bento version) 
  • N.DOCK (for fast file transfers/manage)
  • N.PHONE (Hologram) 
  • N.PHONE SDK Cover Dev.Kit Pack
  • Full Access: APP STORE, Terminal Credit and Cloud Storage
  • Complete illustrated documentation manual
A note about the “FREE” version of the N.PHONE : handy, SDK & hologram is not included


Watch this VIDEO in full screen

To begin using your N.PHONE, please read the quick help below :

  • – Unpack your box.
  • – Wear the N.PHONE (HUD) and then wear the N.PHONE (hand).
  • – You do not need the N.DOCK for now. Consult the (N.DOCK manual) later for more information.

During the first use of the N.PHONE (HUD), the activation and the creation of your account will be done automatically in about seconds.
Once activated, your N.PHONE is ready!”

The Applications

to add and buy applications, the N.PHONE has one “APP STORE” ( on-line integrated store)

The App Store has many free apps.

 To buy paids apps, you need to add credits to your N.PHONE account. 

One credit equals L1. (1 CR = $L1)

To make it easy, there is a NTC Terminal (Terminal N.PHONE Credits) available on our N.PHONE Store . Just pay the amount you want and the credits will be automatically added to your account. 

Then, you can buy and download apps. All purchases will be registered on your account, so you can easily get updates


to install or update quickly and simply your applications / operating system ( O.S)

Every applications will be automatically delivered to you in the form of boxes with fast and easy installation integrated!
The updates systems (TITAN O.S) will be automatically sent to you of the NTS (Terminal N.PHONE Server) also in the form of boxes with fast and easy installation integrated!

How to install and/or update your applications / O.S

  • – Slide on the ground or wear the box, click above.
  • – A menu appears with a button ” install “.
  • – Click above, the Installation or the update launches automatically!
  • – The operation takes place via the terminal of the screen of your N.PHONE

( Watch out!! Never remove / erase the box before the end of the installation and the complete reboot of your N.PHONE )
– Once the screen returned on your desk, you can remove the box.

Well! Your application or new operating system ( O.S) is installed now or up to date without losing your data!


Personalize your N.PHONE in the infinity to give it a unique look that reflects your personality and style. This makes it stand out and gives it a special touch, allowing you to feel more connected to it. Customize your phone now and showcase your individuality!

Customize Your N.PHONE Skin Cover

To customize your Handy skin cover, color system, and LEDs, you have the application called Customize. 

This allows you to choose personalized colors in the system, the front/back/facade frame’s aspect from a wide selection offered, such as white with the possibility of having your favorite color. You can also choose black, Alu, dark metal, or carbon for each element independently! 

All customizations made will be synchronized to your N.PHONE version, including your screen! If you want to keep the synchronization screen private, an option is available in settings to deactivate it. 

In every system update, your parameters and settings will not be erased. SDKs are available to create custom covers!”

Customize Your OS, UI, and Wallpapers…

To customize your desktop screen, you can use the “Themes” application which allows you to choose and add your own wallpapers (16 are included by default), change the color of your status bar (black or white), choose from 4 different icon themes, activate personalized color systems, and much more.

You can also import your favorite screen collections in the size format of 1:2 (256×512 recommended), rename them with “WP::” in front of their names (e.g. WP::my-wallpaper), and copy them to your N.DOCK before transferring them. After doing this, they will be available under the “Themes” app.

You can add as many wallpapers as you want and make them scroll using the “Wallpapers Scroll” option, for example.

Creation of Themes

Are you interested in customizing your TITAN system and applications? Great news! Our SDK kits are now available to help you create and personalize your own themes. If you want to learn more about the Titan UI theme and how to access these SDK kits, simply visit our website and discover how you can start your own journey to tailor your system to your preferences. And the best part? Our toolkits work seamlessly across all versions of the N.PHONE – whether you’re using the S, X, or X PRO. Don’t settle for a generic and bland display. Take control and craft a unique look for your devices that perfectly suits your style and needs.


It is possible that the interfaces of your applications are having adjustment problems

This is not due to the N.PHONE, but rather a bug affecting all viewers and SL HUDs
Further details regarding this issue can be found on the JIRA page : 
To fix the screen problem, increase the connection in preferences (default is 500)

Packages Update

✎  Changelog

Revision 4.5.x :

  • ALL  Items updated to 4.5.x.

Revision 4.2.0 :

  • Titan OS Smalls fix
  • N.PHONE HOLOGRAM 4.2 (Customize Features added)
  • Lite Version have now FULL Access to: APP STORE (paids apps), Terminal Credits and Cloud Storage.

Revision 4.1.0 :

  • NEW Titan OS 4.1

Revision 4.0.0 :

  • NEW Titan OS 4.0

Revision 3.1.0 :

  • NEW N.PHONE HAND (Version Mini) added
  • Titan OS Smalls fix

Revision 3.0.0 :

  • NEW TITAN O.S 3.0 (new design, optimization and system improvement)
  • NEW N.DOCK 3.0
  • NEW N.PHONE HAND 3.0 (with HOLOGRAM for Photos Viewer)

Revision 2.5 : Smalls fix and Alarm App 1.1

Revision 2.0 : TITAN O.S 2.0

  • new feature: Show/hide date and/or time on desktop (settings)
  • new feature: DESK HACK – minimize APPs by categories ON/OFF (settings)
  • new feature: install/update system in the Handy
  • new built-in application: N-Alarm
  • bug fix: N.Phone will no longer lose Apps list if the server doesn’t answer


Revision 1.8 : improvement of the operating system + Cover Dev Kit Pack
Revision 1.7 : RLV Support! detection, Lock your NPhone (Settings App) more info N.PHONE Built-ins Apps

Revision 1.6 :

  • NEW! « Network/Scan Région » tab in Settings App: more info N.PHONE Built-ins Apps
  • HELP App (Mode tint fixed)
  • Improved memory Apps Systèmes

Revision 1.5 : TITAN O.S 1.5

improvement of the operating system

  • Improved loading systems apps
  • Update N.PHONE HAND with left and right Version

Revision 1.0.0 : First PUBLIC Release

Revision 0.9.x : Private RC Release