N.DOCK – Quick Help

The N.DOCK can be used in hand (wear it) or on the ground. You can place it in your living room for example or just rez it temporarily when you need it.

It can transfer your animations, pictures or any other file in your N.PHONE and add-on (handy, hologram) quickly without having to rez  them on the ground.

– Right-click it and select “EDIT”
– Then in the Content tab, drag your files in it.

– Once your files are in the N.DOCK, left-click on it, a menu appears :

  • [Transfer] *** Transfer files into your N.Phone
  • [H.Transfer] *** Transfer files into your N.Phone Handy
  • [Holo.Transfer] *** Transfer files into your N.Phone Hologram
  • [Ignore] Existing files will not be transferred.
  • [Override] Existing files will be removed and replaced.
  • [List] This is useful option for N.Chimera, allows you to generate the lists of N.DOCK content quickly. For example, after drag your 50 animations inside the N.DOCK, he will be able to generate the playlist N.Chimera for your notecards with multiple choice of format and presentation.
  • [Entries] Enter a number of entries per line
  • – If you choose only one entry per line the N.Dock will generate your playlist immediately
  • – If you choose more than one entry per line, the N.Dock will ask you to choose a separator between each entry.  (“|” for the N.Chimera)
  • [Chars] Type a number of characters per line
  • – Your N.Dock will ask you to choose a separator between each entry  (“|” for the N.Chimera)
  • – Then he will list the contents and do a return to the line if the chars exceed the number you have specified,  but he doesn’t cut your entry (You will have to paste the result in your notecard by following the instructions of the application)
  • [Clear Dock] Delete all files in your N.DOCK quickly




*** IMPORTANT: Close any apps before launch Transfer! ***

  • Always connect your N.Dock having left any application
  • be careful with your non transfer files
  • Multi N.Dock possibility


✎  Changelog

Revision 4.x:

  • – NEW N.DOCK 4.x

Revision 2.0.0: TITAN OS 2.0

  • IMPORTANT: Include NEW N.DOCK and N.PHONE HAND 1.2 !!!!

Revision 1.x.x: TITAN OS 1.x