N-Beer! (Free App)

Neurolab Inc. has designed an application to effortlessly send fresh beers to your friends. Our user interface is quick and easy to use, and offers a choice of blue or green mesh cans. Choose to send beers to your contacts, through GPS proximity search, by username, or key. Our refreshing cans of beer are fully scripted with many features, such as automatic opening when worn, and disappearance when empty, along with gestures and sounds. 

Additionally, our cans feature Bento hand override animations. Our application works in No-Script areas, and is exclusively for the N.PHONE. We offer lifetime free updates for your convenience. 

Thank you for choosing Neurolab Inc. for your beer-sending needs.


Send Fresh Beers to yours friends!
  • Quick and easy user interface
  • Choice of Blue or Green can (Mesh)
  • Send Beers by selecting people from : Contact list, GPS Proximity search, username or key !
  • Refreshing can of beer (Fully Scripted Temp Item) with many features, automatically opens when worn,automatically disappears when empty, also with gestures and sounds !
  • Bento hand override animation on cans
  • Works in No-Script Areas !
  • This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Lifetime free updates !

Quick Help

Click anywhere on the beer or on “Send to” to open the menu.

Top menu:

  1. Display N.Phone contacts list
  2. Display avatars in the region
  3. Enter username / key (uuid) to find an avatar
  4. Settings
  5. Go back to beer screen

Enter in “Settings” and select a type of beer you want to send.

Click on a contact username, or region username to send him a beer.

Or click on the search icon to enter a username or key (uuid) of an avatar. If the key is valid or if we find the key of this username the beer will be send.


Revision 4.4.0 (RELEASED) 

  • Added :
    • NEW version 4.x
  • Fixed :
    • FIX small Bugs.

Revision 3.0.0:

  • – NEW Version 3.0 

Revision 2.0.0: TITAN OS 1.x

Revision 1.x.x: TITAN OS 1.x