Titan UI Theme (Free)

Customize your N.PHONE Titan O.S


FREE Custom Theme for Titan O.S !

Pimp Your Screen! Custom Themes, App Icons, Sounds and Wallpapers for N.Phone

  •  Themes 64 icons Custom Apps (Colors+Black and white)
  •  Wallpapers *Bonus*
  •  Sounds: Ring-tones, Notifications, Alarms *Bonus*
  •  This application is ONLY for the N.PHONE by Neurolab Inc.
  • Lifetime free updates!
ALL N.PHONE VERSION (S – X – X PRO) work similar

How to use

  • – USE install or uninstall with boxed to add or remove the theme.
  • – To change your icons theme, go to the Themes application.

Then click the “Custom” button “UI Icons APP” to scroll / select different installed themes

(the name of the selected theme appears in your local chat)

How to install / update your Application!

*** IMPORTANT: Close any apps before launch Install/Update! ***

  • – Slide to the ground or wear the box, click it.
  • – A menu appears with an “install” button.
  • – Click it, the install/update will start automatically!
  • – Voila! Your application is now installed/updated without losing any data!